Summer Hiatus


It’s been a long, long while and I haven’t baked a single cookie or whatever for this month. It’s too complicated to explain. I have been busy helping out my mom in the biz and working part-time in my school. As some of you may know, I have transferred all my posts from another site to WordPress (here) and now, I’m in the progress of beautifying the site. I’m stuck with my site header though but so far, so good.

For now, while I won’t be able to post photos and recipes as I can’t, in any chance (I wish I can explain it well) bake, I will be putting up another page in this site. And guess what’s in it.. Tips and facts that I always find useful when I bake. I know I am not a professional baker but I have my ways and I have good and very helpful stuff to share to y’all. Everything will be based on my experiences.

Make sure you drop by and check the new page 😉

Cheers for a living blog! Haha


with love, Mia