Save a Boyfriend for a Rainy Day

Very Naugthy Peanut Butter Brownie

Ok, I know, I know.. My title is very controversial.. But you need not to put malice and take it too literally because I’m a very loyal partner..and um, I’m an attention seeker.. I want you to read my blog. Now. Haha *smug* Joking aside, my header simply means that you should consider saving at least two recipes, whether it’s your all-time faves or two of your best recipes, so that when you’re asked by your future in-laws or your partner’s friends or your mother’s colleagues that you bake for them, you know what to prepare. And you know, all of us have our random drama moments and those times when we just want to slouch on the couch all day, sob, and eat our favorite food.

Two of my favorite quick bakes are my Chocolate Chip Cookies and my Classic Brownie Squares. I have had those moments where my brother would ask me if I baked a batch of cookies. And I am happy to share that it’s one of those times that inspire me a lot.. It’s just so inspirational and magical and flattering; you know, it’s like that feeling that you feel when your crush asks your friend where you are, in a party that you weren’t able to attend. Something like that.

Yeah, apart from all of that, it’s just cool to have something that you enjoy doing (baking).

Anyway, to those who keep on sending love messages and those who spoil me a lot with the beautiful remarks, this post is for you guys! Thou shalt name thy Resurgence Post. Told ya I’ll find time to bake! 😉

My game plan was to bake a very nutty Revel Bar but then I forgot to put melted chocolate into my batter. Shame. I baked peanut butter brownie squares instead and due to my love for nuts, I put lots and lots of almond and cashew nuts; now let’s be creative and let us name it a One-Bowl Very Naughty (Nutty) Peanut Butter Brownie Squares. That is one loooong name. Artsy.

Dry ingredients

My One-Bowl Very Naughty Peanut Butter Brownie Squares only need the simplest dry ingredients (See above photo) and wet ingredients, which are eggs and vanilla extract. Easy peasy.


I just mixed and mixed and mixed and mixed (that’s why I over mixed), poured the batter into the sheet pan, and placed it in the oven.


Tadaaa! Just the lovely result of one of my experiments. I shall post the recipe soon. 😉

One-Bowl Very Naughty Peanut Butter Squares

Because I’m very naughty, and I want my squares to look naughty, I drizzled it with the naughtiest chocolate ever, melted Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. Naughty!! Haha

I know what you’re thinking. No. Who are you calling naughty?! Of course not. I’m not naughty. Jeeez. You’re naughty.

Anyway, enough of all the naughtiness. I enjoyed baking again and making this post, and I hope you continue to read my blog. And before I forget, it’s Tuestos Day tomorrow! Don’t miss it and get posted!

Toodles!! xo


With love, Mia