A page where all my tuestos go.

This is a collection of my Tuesday tip-off, or in short tuestos (‘tues’ for Tuesday and ‘to’ for tip-off; pronounced as too-es-tohs). I just made that up hahaha, it sounds so Spanish.

Just a note: I am definitely not a professional baker and I’m still learning, but I learned a lot since then. All tips are based on my experiences. I hope the advices below will help you as you bake your dreams away.

Have a healthy, sugary, buttery, but yummy, yummy baking! 😉

(Tuesto compilation will officially start next week, 30 April 2013)

Dry Ingredients:

#1 Make sure that you always sift your dry ingredients, as this will separate or make the lumps finer.

Wet Ingredients:

#1 It is always better to use room temperature butter. Make sure you get it out of the refrigerator more or less than 25 minutes before you start baking. Learn from my mistake! I learned the hard way. ;( I had to discard my chocolate buttercream icing just because I forced the cold butter. My icing resulted to having a rough texture (baby lumps?) I can’t even describe it. It was horrible and had to let it go. Whoopsie

#2 .. And speaking of, ALWAYS (and when I say always I mean 99% of the time) use UNSALTED butter –especially in making icing, unless otherwise your recipe calls for salted butter, or if you’re used to using it and you know how to balance the taste.

#3 To bring the eggs to room temperature, soak it in a bowl of warm water for like 10 minutes or so. I learned this technique from my mum!

#4 To bring the butter to room temperature quickly, slice it into cubes and set aside for about 5 to 10 minutes.

#5 No buttermilk? You can’t find it in the grocery? There’s no need to frown! You can substitute buttermilk and make your own if you don’t have any! Check out the substitution recipe here.

When Mixing:

#1 To prevent over mixing, stop mixing when all of the flour is fully incorporated. And by that, I mean, there are no streaks showing up.

#2 Salt always balances the taste of pastries. Can you imagine that balance of sweetness and saltiness and chocolatey-ness in a chocolate cake? Yummers! So I advise you to include salt in your recipe.


* Will update this from time to time


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