baking essentials

Love baking

1. Heart / Love / Passion / Patience / (Insert positive or cheesy noun here)

Baking is a test of patience. It requires a lot of determination. Know that when you invest to bake or get yourself into baking, you will have countless of hours revising your recipe to perfect it.

What you want is a cookie made with love. You want to bake a cookie because you know you can, not because you think you can’t. You want to be able to create and polish your very first Chocolate chip cookie and be able to serve it to your grandchildren in the future, or even serve to the visitors who came to your house to watch whatever ball game your husband watches.


Measuring spoons2. Measuring spoons and measuring cups (for dry ingredients)

Yes, this is mandatory! You don’t want your first cookie to be too salty or too sweet just because you thought that using a regular spoon does the job. You want a balanced taste in a cookie, not a disaster monster cookie. Give justice to your first ever batch!


Liquid measuring cup

3. Measuring cup (for liquid ingredients)

Ok, I’m guilty on this one. I don’t have this and I know it’s inexpensive. I’m just so used to using regular measuring cups and I don’t really get hit by the kitchen bug and impulse-buy this whenever I go to the mall. I measure the liquids using the dry ingredients’ measuring cups. I looked it up online for reference and asked some of the Culinary Arts students in my school and said it isn’t that bad at all; it’s ok to measure liquids using the measuring cups for the dry but not vice versa. The only thing is that it would be hassle sometimes because unlike the liquid measuring cup, the measuring cups for dry ingredients doesn’t have spouts. (check out‘s research about this)



4. Sifter

Another mandatory item! Get rid of those lumps! You want a fine powdery matter for your mixture so you can have a clean batter, not a lumpy one.





5. Spoon

I know, I know, you’re wondering why I put spoon instead putting a mixer or even a rubber spatula.. I don’t have an electric mixer and I only use spoons to mix my batter or whatever mixture I make. You don’t really need a rubber spatula on your first attempt to bake, trust me. Or even the second time. I only bought my spatula on my third time of baking a cake.

Until now I haven’t invested on a machine, and that’s no problem for me. I think the goodness in baking using your hands and a spoon is that you pretty much control all the mixing –you stand a chance in not over mixing your batter.


Mixing Bowl

6. Mixing bowls

I started by using one huge porcelain bowl (as huge as the bottom most, stainless bowl in the picture above). Imagine how heavy that was. When I really got into baking, I realized that I can’t always use the porcelain bowl that I always use. I just thought it was very unpractical (I don’t know why hahaha) and you know, I really have to invest and buy my own baking tools.



7. Recipes

.. And of course, how would you even start baking if you don’t have something to work on? It’s good to look online or buy a book or look for your mother’s / grandmother’s recipe box then just revise it to your own liking. (And, and, and! It’s always good to frame your very first recipe that’s all splattered with butter, batter, and whatnot –just the crafty me.)


Baking ingredients

8. Baking ingredients

Just the main star of every baking session (in my opinion).




9. Oven

I actually only use a mini-oven.. I’m happy with it and it means so much to me! I love it because it’s not too small (like a toaster) and it’s not too big. It’s not even heavy duty –I can bring it wherever. If you are blessed to have that wonderful regular oven, cherish it and clean it everyday!! Please.


Cooling rack

10. Cooling rack

..And of course, how would you cool your cookies properly without a cooling rack/tray? I don’t have this as well and I only use the one that came with my mini-oven (it also came with a baking tray. I didn’t need to buy, woohoo). Lol