First Tuesday Tip-Off! (Tuestos)

Hey, Lovies!

How have you guys been doing? Last week was a blast! I am very overwhelmed by the welcome messages and the response of the community here in WordPress. I have been receiving so many flattering comments about this site, the posts, and the like, soo thank you all for the sweet, sweet messages!

As said in last week’s post, today is the official start of my Tuestos! Below are some bits of advices that I always find useful whenever I bake.

Since it’s just my first, It’s good that I start with the basics..

Dry Ingredients:

  • Make sure that you always sift your dry ingredients, as this will separate or make the lumps finer.

Wet Ingredients:

  •  It is always better to use room temperature butter. Make sure you get it out of the refrigerator more or less than 25 minutes before you start baking. Learn from my mistake! I learned the hard way. ;( I had to discard my chocolate buttercream icing just because I forced the cold butter. My icing resulted to having a rough texture (baby lumps?) I can’t even describe it. It was horrible and had to let it go. Whoopsie
  • .. And speaking of, ALWAYS (and when I say always I mean 99% of the time) use UNSALTED butter –especially in making icing, unless otherwise your recipe calls for salted butter, or if you’re used to using it and you know how to balance the taste.

It’s crazy how fast time flies. It’s such a cliche, I know, but it’s simply the truth. More than nine months ago, I was just starting to bake and now, I’m already giving tips to people who love baking as much as I do.

I remember when I was just starting to bake, my thursday (the only day I don’t have class) and sunday routine would always be like: Look for recipes online, dress up, go to the grocery, get home, dress up again –change clothes to kitchen attire, rinse all the tools I’m going to use, dry it all up, and bake (soo impractical, oops). Every time I wait for my cookies / cake to be done, I would always read forums and other related stuff, or go to the food blogs that inspire me the most. It’s crazy how I was able to balance all the baking and the studying and being the best daughter that I can be.

This event in my life is just so fulfilling and I feel so happy that I am able to share the tips that helped me along that nine months.

Haha, I’m such a happy bee!! Now I’m out of words (oops). Haha, that’s about it for now, I guess, keep posted lovies!



with love, Mia



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