One Messy Cake

It was a lazy day when I suddenly and randomly craved for chocolate cake. What made me decide to bake was the thought of a spongy cake and creamy chocolate icing.

I could picture in my head my family’s favorite chocolate cake from Shoppersville. Cake soo moist and soft, and covered with very, very fudgy chocolate icing. Yum. Now I’m salivating…

So then, I heard something whispered to my ear (wow ahaha). I baked Devil’s Food Cake. 😉

I had lots and lots of fun while preparing. I even played with the oil mixture hahaha a solution which reminded me of my best friend’s lava lamp. Soo much fun trying to mix the liquid and see all those tiny balls, when we all know it would never come together because of the differing density. Feels good to be a kid again! Weee!

My chocolate cake is very far from that of Shoppersville’s, but I suppose I had a very nice first try. I had a well-moist cake and I didn’t have a hard time preparing the chocolate icing.

But I must admit, this session’s cake is pretty messy. Like really, really messy… Oops!

I wanted to try a new design to my cake but I guess I wasn’t able to express my thoughts fully. And I was actually hurrying while laying icing on my cake as I was about to be fetched by my friend.. And.. I got kind of stressed haha, yikes. I didn’t want the job half baked, so I tried to finish it. If I left and finish it after instead, by the time I get home, the icing would have been turned into a huge bowl of hard chocolate butter if refrigerated or melted when left at room temperature.

My baking somehow quenched my thirst for chocolate.

I still want my favorite chocolate cake from Shoppersville, though. ;p


Shoppersville Bakeshop has a wide array of pastries. It has almost everything you could ever think of (except macaroons, I hope they bake this soon!) Say cupcakes, squares, crinkles, sugar cookies, cream puffs, beehives.. Everything. Even pandesal (if you’re familiar with it) and spanish bread! 😉 Yum!

It’s been like forever since our family classified this bakeshop as our favorite. And fyi, I even ordered a cupcake tower before, for my 18th birthday!

The pastries are that good!

Pay a visit to the bakeshop and try some of their trademark goodies. Click the links to know more about the bakeshop.


with love, Mia



14 thoughts on “One Messy Cake

  1. Oh my gosh, that cake looks gorgeous! I love chocolate cakes, as long as they’re chocolatey enough and this one seems like it would most certainly fit the bill. And I’ve always thought that messier cakes taste better 😉

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