There’s Always Room For Squares

choco mallow browns

I wanted to bake something and I didn’t want to bake a cake again.. I noticed in my blog that I have been baking cakes for the past month, which pretty much defies the purpose of this blog (this isn’t just for cakes). So I decided that I search online for recipes of anything, excluding cakes, and after hours of indecisiveness, I finally found fresh4five’s interesting squares.

I adapted the recipe and used my own recipe of a chocolate chip cookies and brownies, and baked Chocolate chip mallow brownie squares (changed the name to my like as well).

For the marshmallow cream filling, since I had no choice but to make my own version (because I couldn’t find it in stores) I finally gained all strengths and did it. No ifs and buts.. I did it!

I only got less than five decent photos with me, oopsie please put up with me.. ;p


with love, Mia



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