Who Got The Missing Piece?

I got up and went straight to the fridge to get my model for the shoot when I figured that a snoopy someone got a piece of my cake.

“Who ate my freaking cake!!” I yelled. “I told you guys not to eat it unless I’m done taking a photo of it! And I haven’t even took a single photo!”

A mother so curious of all the shouting got out of the room and defensively raised both hands telling me that she barely touched it.

My thoughts were on my brother. I knew it. He was waiting for me to finish my baking.. In all honesty.

A ticked off me went straight to his room.

Laying on bed, he smiled, said sorry, and comforted me with a good remark.

“It was yummy, but make it more chiffon-y on your next.”


The day when I was itching to bake, I actually sort of reminisced my preschool moments. My mom would always bring me pasalubong every time she gets home.

Mom would always bring home some random stuff after her work, for us, for me and my brother; but what I was always dying to get was that yummy Caramel coated popcorn and that Mocha chiffon cake of Goldilocks.

I love caramel and mocha.

I remember eating that wrapped chiffon cake on my way home from school. I would always save that for me to have something to munch on inside the school service, because I was always the last kid who gets dropped home.

So I figured that I bake a mocha cake with cocoa espresso buttercream icing.

Hmm. I didn’t really have a hard time preparing the cake but was quite nervous to make the egg whites rise. I thought my arms were going to fall off…


It was my first time using this manual hand mixer. It’s been sitting still for months in my shelf and at last, I finally figured its use. Woohoo!

As I said in one of my posts, I don’t use mixing machines (because I don’t have one hahaha)

I wanted to include this photo in this post because I got so proud of myself. Effort man, effort. Pure passion.

After making the egg whites stiff, I had the feeling of accomplishment. Seriously. I felt like I was on top of Mount Everest. So high. Lol, at least I realized that I can bake anything with my bare hands, without even a mixer.


I can start making macaroons, yay!


I only got a number of photos. I’m seriously having a hard time with my camera but…. nothing’s holding me back. Will let no thing hinder me from doing what I love. Oh boy, I got the spirit! lol

‘Til the next.


with love, Mia



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