The Ultimate Three

Happy valentines!

So I decided to make a pre-order sale before valentines.. I was supposed to bake cupcakes the night before the 14th but I wasn’t able to do so because I was too tired. I had to do stuff for work and for school and got home late. When I got home, I took a short nap and went to the grocery half past 10 (when I know the grocery closes at 11pm haha) and guess what.. I didn’t the catch grocery. Whoops! I was about to enter when the car almost hit the chain of the parking entrance. There wasn’t any sign and I didn’t really notice that the lot already had a chain. The store still had the lights on and I saw some people entering so I thought that I should rush in .

I went back home and figured that I could very well use one of my talents. To cram. I’m a master crammer.

What I did was, I woke up extra early then bought all the stuff I needed for baking. I got home an hour and a half and started baking. I had like 4 hours to bake. Good thing I work well under pressure!


I wasn’t actually able to take a lot of photos because I concentrated on the baking.

The first thing that I prepared was the red velvet cupcakes. I decided to bake this because I already know the recipe. In fact, I know it too well.


Look at that beautiful red babies, sitting still, waiting to be topped with luscious cream cheese icing.


I used my old cam, yet again. And yeah, yeah.. It’s a little too overexposed.

Next thing that I baked was the triple chocolate cupcake. Soft chocolate cake, gooey chocolate insides, and creamy chocolate buttercream icing. Chocolate overload!


I encountered a problem with the chocolate icing. I figured that I should have prepared it earlier because with my recipe, it should be set aside and leave still for about 40 minutes for it to be fully set. In this case, I prepared it at the last part. As in, literally the very last thing. I placed the icing on the freezer to let it set and left it there for about half an hour.


The last thing that I baked was my three-spice carrot cupcake. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the entire batch. Whooops. (Those at the bottom of the right box are the carrot cupcakes.)

I finished the batch by topping it with cream cheese icing.


I finished everything around 3pm. Was kinda late but well.. I can say that my customers are satisfied. 😉

Anyway.. There we go.

Hmmm. What did you guys do for valentines?


with love, Mia



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