No Class Thursday

“No Class Thursday!” That’s what I love about Thursdays. The only break I can spare for myself. I get to do whatever I like. From laying on bed to watching tv series to pigging out to going to the movie house, basically those slothful activities. hahaha

I’ve actually been thinking of a way of updating this site and doing my other priorities. See, I got class from Mondays through Saturdays, with Thursday as my break; and so basically I only got 2 days off. Most of my classes are ‘til late at night.. I must figure out how to balance all of this soon.

Anyway.. In my previous post, I mentioned about baking another cake as well as the clue of what I’d be baking. And now.. TADAA! Here it is!

White cake and strawberries!!

I’ve always loved the simplicity of a white cake. I don’t know why. But maybe because it’s just so clean and I’m an obsessive-compulsive kind of person (if there’s such a connection between the two haha).

I basically kept everything as simple as possible. I didn’t add much detail to the final cake.


Here, I present to you guys the main star of the sesh.. Strawberries!

The very first thing that I prepared was the strawberry filling of the cake. I got kind of nostalgic because whenever I see fresh strawberries, I always reminisce about the time when mom, brother, and I, along with some other people (I already forgot who) went to Baguio for some holiday trip. It was my first time to pick fresh strawberries. I was little then.. And we were so soo happy and enjoying the trip.

Anywaaay. What I did was: First, I mashed a cup of strawberries, put water, then brought it to a boil and strained it to remove all the unnecessary pulp. Second, I mixed the strawberry extract, lemon juice, sugar, and cornstarch together on heated pan. Brought it again to a boil white stirring constantly. Last, I put the heat on low and added the sliced strawberries.

Instant strawberry jam! yum!


The cake batter is pretty basic. I didn’t use any unusual ingredient except for the photo on the bottom right. Guess what? I wanted my cake to have that creamy, sort of like melts in the mouth taste so I added chopped white chocolate to the batter. Mmmhm mhm.

After mixing the dry with the wet, it went straight to the preheated oven.


I always spare 5 minutes before the bell of the oven dings to check the center of my cake. Skewers always come handy when checking if the cake is already done or if it needs more time.

Tip: Don’t hesitate to pierce the center of your cake. You’ll have a tiny hole on it but then it’ll assure you that your cake is done. You can always cover the cake with frosting.


A layer so nice and white. Coool!


I waited for my layers to cool and trimmed the top a little so it’s level. Then I topped the first layer with the strawberry filling.


Oooohlala. Look at that strawberry sauce. That is madness!!

That part, it looked like a strawberry cheesecake. Omnomnom! For a moment I completely forgot I was making a two-tier WHITE cake. hahaha


I used a classic buttercream icing. I put a twist though, I added a bit of full cream milk to make it creamier. I did the same frosting method as the Red Velvet cake. I spread the first thin layer of icing and refrigerated it, then lay out the remaining icing on the top and on the sides.


So there we have it! White cake and strawberries!

Hope you guys like this session.


with love, Mia



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