Brain Matter Batter, Not!


I decided to try to bake one of my favorite cakes for my first post. I got quite excited because it was literally my first cake but got nervous as well because I heard putting icing on the cake is the trickiest part of the preparation. I baked one of the famous cakes in the world, the loveliest, Red Velvet Cake.

After hearing mass, I decided that I pass by the grocery to buy the additional ingredients for baking. I actually didn’t know what to get as I got in.. I had no idea what to bake haha, but then I found myself staring at the cream cheese. That moment, I figured that I wanted to bake something with cream cheese. With just a snap, I thought of my favorite: Red Velvet Cake.

I got home and started as soon as I finished preparing the ingredients.


The ingredients were pretty basic. I had most of it in my shelf. I only shopped for the unusual ones, those that I never really use.. Like food coloring, enormous amount of cream cheese, and skimmed milk. (However, I substituted skimmed milk with a full cream milk because apparently the grocery that I went to doesn’t have it)


Wooohooo! The cake dream! I initially combined all the dry, then combined all the wet in a separate bowl. Mixed it all carefully not to overmix, but thoroughly to incorporate everything.

For the skimmed milk substitute, I mixed a full cream milk with water and added a bit of white vinegar. (Squeezing a lemon is also ok) You need to bring out that acidity in the mixture.

So I added a portion of my dry mixture to my wet mixture, mixed well, and poured half of my makeshift skimmed milk. Repeated, then added a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

* When mixing baking soda and vinegar, expect the bubbling and popping. C’mon. You know it’s the chemical reaction. Haha


After the initial procedure, I came up with a bloody red batter. Our helper told me that it looked like brain matter hahaha! (So I wonder… if she’s seen brain matter in person.. eeeck.)

I poured the brain matter, I mean the cake batter to a buttered and floured round pan and placed it in the oven.

** Before putting the batter into the pan, make sure that you coat the  inner pan well with butter and flour, as this will make your life easier when removing the cake. This is to decrease the odds of your cake sticking from the pan.

So I got my layer cake, trimmed the top of it to make it even, and crumbled the portions of the leftover cake. Man, I didn’t dump those yummy leftovers. I figured I could use it for decoration. (And it’s just me being so artsy..)


For the filling and icing, I mixed the cream cheese, butter, vanilla, and powdered sugar.

Just so you guys know, I don’t use electric mixers. I make use of my hands very well! I always use my favorite spoon in mixing batter or icing, as I’m still hoarding baking tools, one by one, from the money I have been saving. Haha, I actually like being literally ‘hands on.’ I think it’s nice because i have control; I can avoid over mixing.

Fun fact: I was on the edge on naming this site ‘hands on baker,’ but obviously I named this site differently.


Voila! A perfect cream cheese icing (at least for me). I would have added more sugar to make the icing more stiff but then I didn’t want the sweetness to overpower the tangy taste of the cream cheese. And and! I also didn’t want a cake too sweet, so yeah..


I put a huge portion of filling in between my layers. I wanted so much of that tastebud tickling icing. Mwahahaha

The verdict on icing: I actually found it hard to cover my cake with the cream cheese icing at first, but then got used to it after a couple of swish and swashing.

What I did to make my life easier was I frosted my layers then refrigerated it, then frosted it again and refrigerated, until I got satisfied with the glaze on my cake.

*** By refrigerating, you’ll make it easier to put icing because it firms up. You’ll be able to control the icing, and it’ll be easier for you to cover the crumbs you’ll be seeing in the first layer.

As a finishing touch, I drizzled the bottom part of the cake with the crumbs I made. Woohoo, design!

I initially wanted a very clean red velvet cake but you know, nagffeeling artsy.. haha so booom


My first cake didn’t have the perfect layering of icing, as you can see, but it is most certainly yummy.

I know, I know.. I could use a lot of practice. My next cake will be a beauty!


I’ll take better photos next time! I wasn’t able to use my Nikon. Good thing I found my old digicam in mom’s treasure chest!

My good ol’ point and shoot cam saved me. Whew!

Happy baking, mi amigos!


with love, Mia



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